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Doroboneko brand.

Doroboneko was established in 2018 as a brand that specializes in anime products and designs. "Dorobo neko" [ 泥棒猫 ] is a Japanese idiom which means thief-cat and has dual interpretation: a furtive cat and a seductive woman who easily steals hearts.

I wish one-day our designs could fully convey the precise and deft approach of the first and the seductive atmosphere of the second.

The history of Rival Raid & Doroboneko.


It all started with the foundation of a small brand dedicated to night street racing - "LIGHTPOLESHUNTERS." The name of the brand is an inside joke in the local racing community and defines the ridiculous tendency of racers to bump into poles. Even if there is only one light pole in the spacious parking lot, then someone would bump into it...

We started to gain recognition from others on the local scene and also internationally, attend big car meetups and festivals. We also started making anime stickers under the same brand.

This year everything changed radically, we decided that that was time to move from an inside joke to the materialization of our dream. We became an official business, devoted all of our time to it, and split one brand into two. RIVAL RAID as a continuation of the automotive theme and DOROBONEKO which specializes in anime products. 

2019 – Present-day:

We are writing our story right now, and from the bottom of our hearts, we want to thank everyone who makes this possible. Those who support us by buying our products, those who send us words of gratitude and criticism, those who repost our posts, and those who are reading this right now!